So, Why a Blog?

Why a blog? Film, novels, blogs and even (gasp) reality TV— they all point to human beings desiring to learn from each other. We crave connection of any kind, really. Connection through the sharing of ideas; connection through words; connection through hardship. We can find this connection in friendship, family, romance, or let’s face it,..

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What is Good? (Art, Jazz, and Beyond)

What is “Good?” (Art, Jazz, and Beyond)          “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”           -Duke Ellington A friend of mine remarked that what we call “good” is something that we can know. Knowing “good” from “bad” is an instinctive response when dealing with..

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what is jazz

What is Jazz?

My grandfather was an enthusiast of jazz’s earliest styles. He was a staunch traditionalist and believed that Dixieland music was jazz. In his eyes, Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins were heretical musicians, big bands were strictly for the masses, and Charlie Parker was out of his mind. According to him, jazz died somewhere in the..

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good jazz

What is “good jazz?”

I am curious to know for what is next for this “so-called jazz.” Ever since this music’s humble beginnings, its definition has been in constant flux. What is good? is a question that has different answers depending on who you talk to, and everyone seems to have either a unique system of values or pledges..

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What’s Your Style?

What’s Your Style? The style of jazz I enjoy has a sense of danger. It happens when the music speaks through unexpected dissonance and unforeseen twists in form. True freedom is utilized in this music— torrid moments of improvisation are balanced with the cool of restraint. It is mature, but not austere and does not..

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