Introducing :: Daniel Louis White

event1 “I believe the true power of music, like any art form, lies in its ability to tell a story. It should provoke the imagination, while probing the heart of reality. As listeners engage, it does not just comment on life, but provides an experience of life itself, in all its movements and vulnerability and triumph. Music breaks under the surface of life’s perception; it plays on physical sensation, triggers one’s psychology, and touches on spirituality all at once. As a composer, my goal is to express these realities through the work I create in hopes that it connects with people in an honest way.”

Daniel Louis White is an Austin-based musician and composer. As a tenor saxophonist playing original works, he is attempting to make jazz relevant to the local scene, while being open to collaborate with the multi-faceted scheme of artists and musicians out there. Living and working in such a creative place has presented many opportunities to pursue new ways to carry out the career of a modern jazz musician.

White’s unique brand of jazz is featured on his debut album, True Communication, and his upcoming sophomore release, Natural Consequences.  He is a dedicated musician with a passion for composing, recording, and producing work of originality and high fidelity. He continues to play with the idea of genre, allowing outside inspiration, and expanding the application of tradition. He plans to grow his label to support music that embodies these qualities and speaks with honest intent.

Daniel grew up in the Dallas area as a young electronic music enthusiast, but never considered music as a career, or even a talent, until he was encouraged to take up saxophone for middle school band. In high school he began to take his playing seriously, and it wasn’t uncommon to see him sit in on a gig with some of Dallas’ best jazz musicians. Throughout these years, and his education, he was able to study under the encouragement of several mentors that helped him shape his unique playing style. Faced with a decision between New York’s New School and University of North Texas, life kept him true to his roots, and he completed his degree in Jazz Studies at UNT.

Although he had every intention of pursuing a career as a jazz performer and tenor saxophonist, he followed his inclination to try his hand at composing and released a fully original debut album (True Communication) the year after he graduated UNT. At the same time, he relocated to Austin, Texas, and immediately began the creative process that would produce his second album series, Natural Consequences.

Finding his love for composition has dramatically changed his goals as a jazz performer and has broadened the scope of his musical pursuits. After developing his voice as a composer, he is now thriving as a performer playing in the Dallas and Austin areas. He writes daily and is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase a different kind of jazz with a group of highly talented musicians. As he continues each pursuit for the sake of jazz, he also fosters collaboration for the sake of music and art.

For Daniel Louis White, jazz not only has provided an outlet of self-expression, but has proven to be a path to self-discovery and connection to others as his career unfolds.